Custom IT-Networking solutions for small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals. Special expertise available on building and configuring Wireless-Links for locations which have no or only a non-sufficient internet connection available.

I work mainly with equipment from the following networking hardware vendors:

  • MikroTik (Wireless-Links and low-cost networking solutions, as well as switches and routers, custom routing solutions)
  • CISCO (high-grade enterprise Switches and Routers)
  • HP ProCurve (reasonably prices high-grade Switches)


Firewalls are an integral part of every home or office network. While at home, a simple router is often sufficient, this is different on company networks. They often have a lot more sophisticated requirements.

I work mainly with equipment from the following firewall vendors:

  • SOPHOS UTM (sophisticated as well as free for home use)
  • pfSense (nice for embedded systems and low-power requirements)
  • Mikrotik RouterOS built-in Firewall (low-cost solutions)

I do not offer services and support for any ZYXEL-Hardware.

Complex company networks require stable servers and a well known and industry-proved server software. For several reasons, I decided to specialize on Microsoft Windows Server administration.

I mainly work with the following server systems:

  • Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012   (+R2)
  • Exchange-Server 2010 / 2013   (Mail-Server)
  • SharePoint Server 2010   (Business Collaboration)

I also share expertise in Windows Client operating systems and some Linux distributions.